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Gooding Joint School District No. 231 INSTRUCTION 2605 Advancement Requirements (6-9) The District has established a set of advancement requirements for 6-9 grade students which will act as a guide in helping students move methodically and purposefully on a course that will eventually lead to high school graduation. Therefore, the following advancement requirements are required in the District:

1. To advance to the 7th grade, students must earn at least eighty percent (80%) of the credits attempted in 6th grade and be in compliance with the District’s attendance policy.

2. To advance to the 8th grade, students must earn at least eighty percent (80%) of the credits attempted in 7th grade and be in compliance with the District’s attendance policy.

3. To advance to the 9th grade, students must earn at least eighty percent (80%) of the credits attempted in 8th grade and be in compliance with the District’s attendance policy.

4. Students who have failed more than twenty percent (20%) of the courses attempted in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade may make up the credits needed to achieve the minimum portion of credits attempted by retaking the necessary course(s) during the summer, online, or through correspondence.

Cross Reference: 2600 Promotion/Retention 3050 Attendance Policy Legal Reference: IDAPA Middle Level Credit System 


Taking Effect Monday, November 2, 2020:

As you are aware, teachers at Gooding Middle School are utilizing Google Classroom to make school work available to students who are learning face-to-face or learning online.  Our goal is to provide a consistent expectation and opportunity for all of our students to continue learning and communicating with teachers whether they are physically in school or online at home.  

In an effort to maintain accurate attendance records (a requirement from the State) during this time where students are frequently in and out of the physical classroom—due to illness, quarantine, mask mandates, etc.—each teacher will be posting a daily attendance question in their Google Classrooms that will be required to be completed by all students who are enrolled in their classes within a 24-hour period to be considered present for that day.  These questions will be about the lessons teachers are posting for that day.

By doing this, students who are not and/or cannot be physically in the classroom can still show they are engaging with their schoolwork online and not be considered absent.  The 24-hour period students will have to complete these attendance questions will begin and end each day at 3:45pm, so teachers can take their daily attendance while providing online students flexibility to get their daily attendance questions answered.  Students who do not answer and submit their daily attendance questions will be marked absent for the class periods in which they did not answer their daily attendance questions.  

We are hoping that by setting this clear expectation for student attendance—regardless of actual physical location—we will increase student/teacher communication and engage more of our students who are learning online.  Please encourage your student to be proactive with their education and contact the school with any questions or concerns.  We appreciate your time, efforts, and patience as we all explore these uncharted waters.  Thank you.

A partir del lunes 2 de noviembre de 2020:

Como ya sabe, los maestros de Gooding Middle School están utilizando Google Classroom para poner el trabajo escolar a disposición de los alumnos que están aprendiendo atreves de clases presenciales o en línea. Nuestro objetivo es brindar una expectativa constante y una oportunidad para que todos nuestros alumnos continúen aprendiendo y comunicándose con los maestros, ya sea que estén físicamente en la escuela o en línea en casa.

En un esfuerzo por mantener registros de asistencia precisos (un requisito del estado) durante este tiempo en el que los alumnos están con frecuencia dentro y fuera del aula física, debido a enfermedad, cuarentena, mandatos de cubrebocas, etc., cada maestro publicará una pregunta diaria de asistencia en Google Classroom que deberán completar todos los alumnos que estén inscritos en sus clases dentro de un período de 24 horas para que se consideren presentes ese día. Estas preguntas serán sobre las lecciones que los maestros están publicando ese día.

Al hacer esto, los alumnos que no están y / o no pueden estar físicamente en el salón de clases aún pueden demostrar que están participando con su trabajo escolar en línea y no se les considera ausentes. El período de 24 horas que los alumnos tendrán para completar estas preguntas de asistencia comenzará y terminará cada día a las 3:45 pm, para que los maestros puedan tomar su asistencia diaria mientras brindan a los alumnos en línea flexibilidad para responder a sus preguntas de asistencia diaria. Los alumnos que no respondan y envíen sus preguntas de asistencia diaria serán marcados como ausentes por los períodos de clase en los que no respondieron sus preguntas de asistencia diaria.

Esperamos que, al establecer esta expectativa clara para la asistencia de los alumnos, independientemente de la ubicación física real, aumentaremos la comunicación entre alumnos y maestros e involucraremos a más alumnos que están aprendiendo en línea. Anime a su estudiante a ser proactivo con su educación y comuníquese con la escuela si tiene preguntas o inquietudes. Agradecemos su tiempo, esfuerzos y paciencia mientras todos exploramos estas aguas inexploradas. Gracias.



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 School Improvement & Support

The purpose of improvement planning is to increase the quality of the student experience through teaching and learning. The Improvement Plan provides the framework for analyzing problems, identifying underlying causes, and addressing instructional issues in a schools or districts that have not made sufficient progress in student achievement. 


The Improvement Plan should embody a plan that is comprehensive, highly structured, and focused primarily on the school's instructional program. The plan should incorporate strategies based on scientifically based research that will strengthen the core academic subjects in the school and address the specific academic issues that caused the school to be identified for school improvement.


Gooding Middle School - School Improvement Plan (SWIP) - PDF


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